July 9, 2008

Hey all,

     We are back taking orders from our small place in Den Haag that we are now calling home.  Have loads of new techniques and options, so please inquire!



Sep 4, 2005

Rob is back!

What? He was gone?

Yes, Rob is back from his business trip to Europe and happy to build drums again. There are a few new ideas running around in his head, but more about that later ... During the bosses absence, Larry has been experimenting with a new painting tool and I can tell you, your drum is going to look absolutely fantastic. 

More details later! 

- Steffi by order of Mister Forkner 

Jan 9, 2005

Happy New Year, Everybody!

I'm back at the drum lab and am happy to announce that we now have 15" drums available. The first three 15 Incher are being built while I'm typing these words ... 

Hasta luego! 


Nov 23, 2004

27 years and counting! Happy Holiday Eating to everyone! We'll have lots of drums out soon, and the Christmas Charity auction drum up for sale too, so stay tuned!


Nov 9, 2004

Welcome to the brand new, beautiful, and vividly interactive Metloef Irish Drums electronic interface! Vielen Dank Steffi for the hard work and time involved (she did a great job, eh?). Enjoy the site, and feel free to give us a shot with any Q's!