Taping and weighting of drums is part of the essence of the Metloef sound.  What we do is to try and give the head as much ring and sustain as possible, then bring that set of tones under control with the use of appliqués (tape and weights) to the head as we deem necessary, or as requested.  A friend of mine Paul Marshall put it like this:

"A band of tape is affixed to the drum skin where it crosses the bearing edge. The purpose of the tape is to provide a mass, a shock absorber that can absorb many of the extra overtones leaving just the main ones and the fundamental. The weight or centre patch is again derived from the Indian tabla drum. Its purpose is to affect the main mode of vibration of the drum so that the skin moves in a particular way that generates a pure tone."

In short, taping and weighting does several important things. First, it takes away any extra buzzing or ringing in the tone, making the tone pure and punchy. Weighting the center of the skin with an appliqué also has the effect of deepening the bass of the drum, making even 12" drums have extended low-end range.

Finally, striking the weighted (and therefore thickened) portion of the skin with the drum stick gives more attack, adding to the tonal palate. Weights on the back of the drum are affixed in a way such that they do not impede the movement of the skin hand on the back of the drum.

We also like a measure of sizzle and sustain in our sound and so by practice do not use excessive amounts of tape as doing so kills sustain.  We also may very lightly buff the playing surface, but typically will not wax or polish the playing surface.  This provides you with a bit more sizzle off the strike and leaves the tone sounding natural rather than plastic.  However, we can employ whichever options you desire (after all, it is your drum!), so just let us know.

center weighting
off-center weighting
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