Of all the things we do here at the shop, the one activity we pride ourselves on the most is work with skins.  I have spent years working with skins, from skins steaming straight off the animal (goat, emu, calf, etc.) to dried skins, to prepared skins.  What that experience allows me to do is answer your questions in reference to skin type and response to help you get what you are after.  We have loads of skins of loads of type and description.  Processing ranges from minimally treated “raw” goatskins, to lambeg heads, to supple kangaroo heads, to calfskin heads… and multiple treatment methods for each!

We are also working closely with Darius Bartlett of Archangel Drumheads and vouch 100% for his work with heads as being top class.

We do our best to customize drums to customers, so please do let us know what you are after in terms of tone, attack, thickness, etc. and we will work to fit the right head to your drum.

So, if you have specific requests regarding skins, please get in touch and we will accommodate you.