We here at the shop really enjoy a challenge, and if you are after a drum that is unusual, never-before-done, or just a set of ideas that you wish to develop, please feel free to contact us. We really enjoy making and discovering new things about this instrument, working without set patterns, and would be more than happy to work on something completely new with you

As an example, along with Paul Marshall, we have pioneered the double-headed bodhran, both as single bodhrans with heads on both sides and as two single-headed bodhrans that can be linked into a single two-player double-headed bodhran. For more info see here.

We also have worked closely with Mr. Dave Settles from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on his very great idea of an egg-shaped drum (which he originally called a "Currach" bodhran).  This design is still one of our favoUrites, despite the fact that we have been told it operates "against the laws of physics".  Hearing and playing are believing!

We are also working closely with Darius Bartlett of Archangel drumheads on head treatment techniques for drums, the use of composites in drum shell construction, and have worked on developing a patented design for a bodhran with interchangeable heads.