We here at the drumlab enjoy a challenge, and have a lot of fun exploring the instruments we build, both from a building sense and a sonic sense. As a result, we have collaborated with people on projects that we feel have moved bodhran building into new directions.

One such example is the Gemini drum that we co-designed and built for Paul Marshall, a member of the Different Drums of Ireland, and an incredible sound-artist and engineer.


The result is an extension of the double-headed bodhran that we had been working on previously- this is an entirely new drum called the Gemini drum.


The development of this drum has led to our use of lambeg skins and our development of a tuning system that operates without tools.

Current collaborations are continuing with Paul (the guy is full of ideas), so stay tuned!

If you would like to have us work on a project with you, let us know and we'll get started!