These links are based on instruments I have experience with, and makers I respect. You can trust them!

Bodhrans - Yeah, it might be weird for a drum maker to have links to other bodhran makers. One reason is that I think we ought to operate more as a community rather than as competitors. The second thing is that drums really aren't that expensive in the grand scheme of things, and you really ought to own at least one drum from all of these makers as well:

Seamus O'Kane - A true living legend, and a hysterical individual. His drums are some of the best I know of. Email him and ask him to tell you why goats smell the way they do.

Albert Alfonso - Makes fine drums, and is just up the road from me. The best fashion sense of any bodhran maker.

Dave Settles - No drum collection is complete without a deep shell currach drum. You all must have one!

Paul McAuley - This guy knows his craft. He does custom work also. Give him a shout!

Flutes and Whistles

Gilles LeHart - A Breton maker and in my opinion one of the best flutes available. Incredibly easy to fill and play and very affordable for what you get.

Michael Grinter - Some of the best crafted, finest playing flutes and whistles I know of. Worth all the wait and all the pennies!

Phil Hardie - Some of the best all-around whistles I know of. The man can play too!


Martin Preshaw - Marty made my first set of pipes. Very Rowesome-esque, lovely work.

Kirk Lynch - Great pipe maker from the Midwestern US. I have a chanter from Kirk and have loved it from day one!

Joe Kennedy - THE up-and-coming pipe maker out there. Excellent pipes, phenomenal flat sets.

Patrick D'arcy's Uilleann Obsession - OK, not a maker himself, but he does run a page for Kohler and Quinn. Patrick also runs THE online resource for uilleann piping.


John Williams - I really don't know much about the box, but my friend John knows more than just about anyone. The guy can also play like I've never heard.



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