Ramones - Maybe not an Irish band, but the BEST band ever. Period.

Lunasa - I'm picky when it comes to trad, but these guys work the problem. You should buy all of their material.

Flook - Never heard of them? Where have you been?

Altan - The band I grew up with. Still as great as ever.

Frankie Gavin - My favoUrite fiddle player and the man behind the first trad irish music I ever heard. I still think that "Frankie Goes to Town" is the definition of Irish fiddle playing, and one of my very favoUrite records ever.

Mike McGoldrick - This guy is one of the finest flute players ever. Super smooth!

The Different Drums of Ireland - An irish-style percussionists dream come true! Incredible!

Entourloupe / Jean Francois Berthiaume - Why not bodhran with Quebecois? These guys are IT! Go Francophones!

Hanz Araki / An Tua - A fine band from the west coat of the USA. Excellent stuff from these guys. Buy their record too!

Cluan - I've heard that these guys are kinda good. Well, sometimes…

Poor Man's Fortune - Local Austin Irish band with the mighty pirate Mark Stone, the best bodhran player on that side of the enchilada!

Carey Street - A 3 piece group that some good friends of mine put together. I still dunno how to spell "sleeve luke-ra" correctly….


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